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Wall 1
The new Memorial Wall at the dedication.

Continuing the story of the 5 RAR Memorial Wall in Darwin, due very much to the donations made at the 2015 50th Reunion on the Gold Coast, has now been completed and dedicated.

The design, manufacture and installation were completed by two C Company members, Brian Budden (1966-67) and Geoff Pearson (1969-70), my congratulations and thanks go to them both for a job very well done.

Wall 2The new plaques have been cast with a finish so that they will not be affected by the weather, will require little maintenance and will remain readable for many years to come.

On Thursday 5th November with dignitaries seated, Association members and the Battalion surrounding the area, the Padre (Troy Urlichs) opened the Service with a prayer. Our President, Roger Wainwright delivered a very informative and poignant address. The Scripture reading was delivered by BRIG Ron Boxall (Retd) with Roy 'Zeke' Mundine delivering the Royal Australian Regiment Prayer. Wreaths were laid by the Governor-General, the CO, Roger Wainwright and Colin Khan. Wreaths were also laid by the 4 NOK that were in attendance to witness the dedication of the new plaques of all our KIA from both Vietnam tours.

Wall 3
Brian and Geoff stand by their work.

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