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Our Memorial is now registered on the 'Places of Pride', the Australian War memorial's National Register of War Memorials. The page can be visited by clicking on the 'Places of Pride' image below

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The Upgraded MemorialAt 11:00am on Sunday 11 November 2018, the Centenary of the signing of the Armistice in 1918, a Remembrance Day Service was held at the Boomerang Farm Golf Course, Mudgeeraba. The service was conducted at a Memorial to Australian Defence Personnel, located in the golf course grounds. This was followed by the rededication of the refurbished Memorial, originally erected by, and now renewed by, the Vietnam Veterans Social Golf Club (VVSGC).

On every significant military anniversary i.e. ANZAC Day, Armistice Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, etc. a service is held by the VVSGC. A service is also conducted if a current member of the ADF is lost whilst on deployment in a foreign conflict.

In early 2018 it was decided to refurbish the Memorial, grants from the DVA and the local member were applied for, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. It was then decided to seek funds from the corporate sector so that we could renovate the Memorial. We managed to achieve our goal with the assistance of five companies, who either supplied the materials, labour and/or both. The remaining labour was completed by some of the club members.

The wall to the right of the Memorial is mounted with a central rustic metallic piece displaying the following anonymous quotation;


For every deceased member, a brief service is held for the unveiling of their plaque on the Remembrance Wall. At the rededication, the new Remembrance Wall held 21 individual plaques in memory of veteran members and the low wall on the left held a plaque to an Army Reservist.

The Vets
The two services on Sunday were attended by approximately 100 members, partners and guests, who then enjoyed an end of year lunch and club presentations. The photo above shows the veteran members and veteran guests immediately after the rededication.


The PlaqueIn the middle of 2006 it was decided that the club should build and dedicate a memorial to all those members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who lost their lives in the service of our country, and to those members who have passed on since their service ended.

Suggestions for designs were requested and the idea of a large rock with a Memorial Plaque was voted as the preferred style.

Bruce Bickham prepared the plans and approached James King for permission to use a section of ground south-east of the Boomerang Farm Clubhouse. ANZAC Day 2007 was set for the completion and dedication of the memorial.

Five members, Bruce Bickham, Ron Melling, Ron Roach, Dan Tully and Jimmy Watson combined to get the project moving and accomplished.

Very early in 2007 Bruce and Ron Roach spent 2 days at Hanson Quarries searching for a suitable rock and found one that fit the requirements. As the chosen rock was being placed on the truck for delivery it cracked into two pieces, so there was another two days of searching by Bruce to find an appropriate replacement.

First Stage The plaque was ordered and the site prepared with Jimmy, Dan and Ron Roach digging the hole that was needed. The rock, all 3.5 tonnes of it, arrived and with the help of a long crane it was positioned correctly by Ron Melling.

The lackies, Dan, Jimmy, Ron Roach and Kev Alderton then got to work, supervised by Bruce and Ron Melling, with John Leak as the Refreshments Officer. The concrete was laid and then tiled, the log surrounds were positioned and the area beautified.

The Memorial was completed and the local Member of Parliament, Margaret May agreed to dedicate the Memorial for the Club. Friday 20 April, 2007 was set as the official day of dedication. Two days before this date the club was asked if the then Minister for Veterans Affairs, Bruce Billson, could attend the ceremony, the answer was naturally yes!

Dedication Day Friday the 20th dawned bright and clear and the Memorial was officially dedicated, a great day was had by all present.

All of the memorial works were carried out by members of the Vietnam Veterans Social Golf Club Gold Coast on a voluntary basis. Thanks must be extended to the following people or organizations; Department of Veterans Affairs, the King Family and Hanson Quarries for their contributions.

On every significant military anniversary i.e. ANZAC Day, Armistice Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, etc. a service is held, this also occurs if a current member of the ADF is lost whilst on deployment in a War Zone.

MemorialSince the Dedication of the Memorial, a timber Remembrance Wall has been added behind the Rock Memorial, when any VVSGC member passes away a bronze Plaque bearing their details is added to this feature. There are currently thirteen members name plaques displayed on this Remembrance Wall, a brief service is held as each plaque is unveiled.

A Plaque commemorating the servicemen who served in the Korean War was added to the memorial at a later date as well.

The VVSGC War Memorial is listed on the official Register of Australian War Memorials

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