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Sweetnam Crescent Sign

In 1966 the streets of the 5 RAR area of Nui Dat were named in honour of the members of the Battalion who had been KIA in the early period of our deployment. The road into C Company was named Sweetnam Crescent in memory of John Sweetnam, a member of 8 Platoon, KIA on June 9 1966.

The bench seating is for the temporary open air (not drive-in!) cinema that was set up near the entrance to C Coy. You can see the speakers attached to the rubber trees.

Sweetnam Crescent Sign 2

The original black & yellow version was made by Brian Budden, Int NCO C Coy and possibly also the updated black & white version (shown above). Other street name signs of 1st tour KIA are in the museum in Darwin. Behind the black & yellow sign you can see the tents of CHQ (1966).

Below is a line map of the Battalion area with the street names shown, to download a copy of this map, right click »HERE«, then left click on 'Save link as....' to save a copy to your computer to either print or view.

5 RAR Area Map

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