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I am the Unknown Soldier
of whom you know little at all,
I represent legions of others
who have only their name on a wall.

'Tis 100 years since the guns fell silent
in order to negotiate peace,
and after four and a half months of talking
the Great War did officially cease.

The "war to end all wars" was over
but not the suffering and grief it had wrought,
for us who were dead and at peace
the Armistice and Treaty meant nought.

Hundreds of thousands, suffered and served
throughout those horrific four years, who broken returned to their long-suffering families
to "live" with their memories and tears.

They, like us, are also now dead
but their names are not on a wall,
so, who is it you remember
when you visit my tomb in the hall?

I am the Unknown Soldier
of whom you know little at all
you brought me back home to Australia
and my name is on a wall.

I ask you now never to forget
all who served, suffered, and slaved
every man, every woman, no matter their service or corps
whose names are not on a wall engraved.

Bob Kearney
© Robert Kearney
Vietnam 1966-67

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