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Is the face of that fallen soldier,
Who once lived, laughed and cried;
Still as crystal-clear in your mind today,
As it was on the day he died?

Do the echoes of his kindly voice,
That only you can hear;
Sometimes seem to softly whisper,
"Remember, - I'm still near."

Did the war in Vietnam,
That place of shattered dreams and hope;
Stay in your life forever,
And make it extremely hard to cope?

Did you leave words of love unspoken,
Secretly locked away in your heart;
A heart for too long broken,
By the thought you're forever apart?

Listen to the breeze at night,
And as it whispers his name with a sigh;
Remember the precious times you shared,
And his memory will never die.

Robert Kearney
Robert Kearney
9 Platoon, C company 1966

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