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Below are the C Coy members whom we have lost touch with showing their Surnames, Christian-names, Also Known As (AKA), Rank and where they served (Platoon/Section-Other, i.e. 9/7-CHQ), if you do know the contact details of any of these men please use this Email Contact Form to help us find them, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

point Anderson, Ronald James, AKA Andy, PTE, 9/7-CHQ
point Blackwell, Donald John, AKA Don, PTE, CHQ (Sig)
point Buhagier, John Savior, AKA Boots, PTE, 9/7
point Butler, James Thompson, AKA Jim, SGT, CHQ
point Fox, Noel William, PTE, 8/5
point Godfrey, Peter Charles, PTE
point Holden, Lionel Allen Cyril, PTE, 8/4
point Hubbard, Bruce, AKA Mother, LCPL, 7/3
point Kennedy, Victor James, AKA Vic, PTE
point King, Neil Douglas, AKA Doug, PTE, 7/
point Lehmann, Geoffrey Norman, AKA Geoff, PTE, 8/
point Long, Phillip Eric, AKA Phil, PTE, 8/4
point Marie, Ray Kenneth, PTE, CHQ
point Shaw, Douglas Richard, PTE, 8/
point Sinclair, Roger, PTE, 9/7
point Snoxall, Brian John, AKA Jack, LCPL, 9/8
point Suiter, Raymond Edward, AKA Pommy, PTE, CHQ
point Thomas, Raymond Henry, AKA Ray, LCPL, CHQ
point West, Edward Douglas, AKA Ted, CPL, 7/2
point Wylie, Brian Allan, AKA Snow, PTE, 8/4

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