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During the 1966/67 Xmas/New Year 'truce' period, the Australian Task Force still maintained security patrols outside the Nui Dat base area. 8 Pl C Coy 5RAR commanded by Lt Roger Wainwright conducted one of these patrols along the base of the Nui Dinh hills to the west of the Task Force base in Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam. During the patrol, the platoon encountered a small VC bunker complex that had recently been vacated. In searching the position a significant quantity of VC doctrine and training pamphlets were recovered, some down a well shaft. A National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) Flag was discovered amongst these items. On return to Nui Dat, members of 8 Platoon who participated in the patrol signed the flag as a memento of their time in Vietnam.


National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) Flag, which is half, coloured bright red and half coloured bright blue with a faded yellow 5-pointed star in the middle. The names of 8 Platoon members are written in pen on the star. In the centre middle of the star is written "CAPTURED BY 8 PL C COY/27 DEC 66". The signatures on the flag are at top Headquarters 8 Pl: Lt Roger Wainwright, Sgt 'Rowdy' Hindmarsh, Pte Alan Schultz, Pte David Sharp. At left, 4 Section: Cpl Russ Quinn, LCpl Tom Davern, Pte Lionel Holden, Pte John Checkley, Pte Dick Criss, Pte Frank Williams, Pte 'Snow' Wylie, Pte Robert Farrell. At right 5 Section: Cpl 'Doc' Urquart, LCpl Dave Bryan, Pte Sid Shore, Pte Graham Ball, Pte Terry Harris, Pte Bill Cavanagh, Pte Robin Lestrange, Pte Noel Fox. At bottom 6 Section: Cpl 'Curly' Koblitz, LCpl Murray Claydon, Pte Henk Maalste, Pte Barry Ledger, Pte'JD'Allen, Pte Robert Wright, Pte Darryl McCombe, Pte John Searle. Parts of the flag are rust stained and have small holes.

The flag was donated to the Australian War Memorial by Roger Waimwright and is on display in the Vietnam Gallery.

Flag in The Mushroom Club This second photo shows the flag being displayed in "The Mushroom Club" along with some Christmas decorations. (Photo by Terry Tommasi)

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