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The Plaque at the Canungra LWC Memorial

Saturday 29 October 2011 was the 11th Anniversary of the Canungra Vietnam Veterans Memorial and this years ceremony included the laying of a plaque to commemorate the memory of the members of 5 RAR killed in action, the hundreds wounded and all who served in campaigns around the world.

The Cataflaque Party The manufacturer who produced the plaque for the 45th Anniversary Reunion in 2010 actually made two plaques. The second is identical to the one dedicated at Twin Towns at the reunion last year and it was decided to place the second plaque at Canungra with other Association plaques in recognition of the training that was undertaken at Canungra prior to operational deployment.

The 5 RAR Plaque is the first to be laid at the Canungra Memorial by a Battalion or Battalion Association, so 5 RAR leads the way again.

Ian Clarke The ceremony was attended by 19 Association members, 11 member partners and five guests. One of the guests was Ian Clarke, of 2/5th Infantry Battalion, who served in Papua New Guinea during the Second World War. Gwen and Digby Cook and Ray and Jennifer Coupe attended in memory of Brendan "Danny" Coupe, KIA 10 June 1966 during Operation Hardihood.

C Coy was represented by Rowdy and Elaine Hindmarsh, Warren and Kay Pearson and Gary and Carol Townsend.

Bob Raper gave the address, MAJGEN (Retd) Murray Blake AO MC laid the wreath and the flags were attended by Norm Small, Dave Thompson and John Gibson.

The ceremony was followed by lunch and refreshments at the Canungra RSL which is still in the same place, a little bigger, but still the same.

Association Members at Canungra

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