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C Company Photo, Vietnam 1967

C Company

Front Row L-R: Don Treloar, Robert Birtles, Unknown, Unknown, SGT John Holtman, SSGT Bob Trenear, LT John Griggs, LT Roger Wainwright, CAPT Fred Pfitzner, MAJ Ron Shambrook, WO2 Norm Goldspink, 2LT John Deane-Butcher, Unknown, Sgt Pat Bunting Unknown, Jack Snoxall, John Buhagier, Unknown, Neil Ordner.

2nd Row L-R: John Reynolds, Robert Carter, Brian Budden, Graeme Wilson, Unknown, Bruce Schmidtchen, Lionel Holden, Unknown, Ken Ives, Unknown, Unknown, Robert Wright, Barry Ledger, David Sharp, LCPL David Bryan, Allan Suckling (Hunter), Unknown, Unknown CPL Ray Orchard, Klaus Scheuermann, John McShane, Robert Farrell.

3rd Row L-R: Terry Tommasi, Vilnus Mitrevics, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Edward Daley, John Bilston, Paul Phillips, CPL Michael King, Tom Brand, SGT Robert Berg, Murray Craib, Urie Wolk, Unknown, Unknown, LCPL Warren Gosney, Unknown, LCPL Murray Claydon.

4th Row L-R: LCPL Robert Naumann, Unknown, Peter Blanch, Gordon Meredith, LCPL Max Haldane, CPL Alan McNulty, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, John Searle, Patrick O'Shea ?, Sydney Shore, CPL Leslie Urquhart, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, John Hellyer.

Back Row L-R: Douglas Heley, Robert Antonio, Peter Slattery, Joseph Cross, Unknown, Unknown, Brian Budden, Unknown, Unknown, Daryl McCombe, Colin Vyner ?, Unknown, Unknown, Robin Lestrange ?, Gary Townsend, Michael Wahl, Unknown, Unknown.

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