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Recently both Robert Birtles and John Bilston, (C Coy 1966/67) visited the Philip Island National Vietnam Veterans' Museum which is now part of the Island's tourist promotions.

Robert and John Their goal was to secure additional space for a more comprehensive 5 RAR content.

At this point 5 RAR had limited items on display but included a photo frame of John Warr, Battalion Operations, Honour Roll and the 5 RAR Plaque. Not on display (but in storage) were both 5RAR books and official DVD's.

They met with John Methven (President - NVVM) who was extremely co operative and generous with additional space allocated.

They could not have expected to be allocated such a prime position as it was located only meters from the Long Tan hologram presentation; the most visited area in the museum.

5RAR Area The position warranted the best display that they could create, thus photos of members, weapons, moments of interest, etc, were collected and framed. Roger Wainwright made available an early 5 RAR banner and when all had been combined they succeeded in producing a colourful and informative display.

Approximately 130 photos are on display which should keep visitors and members entertained whilst seeking out familiar faces and places.

Although as many members as practicable are photographically represented, the goal was to be representative of the soldiers, places and experiences had.

Many of the photos were taken from Birtles, Tommasi and Townsend's personal files. Others were collected, borrowed and pirated from where ever it could be done.

Gary Townsend donated the photo DVD played at our last reunion. This will be added to the museum's collection of DVD's played within the refreshment area.

Much has been achieved, however with a constant flow of additional material the existing display will continue to evolve; there-fore it will always be of interest to regular visitors.

Please note, that understandably, the museum does not wish to display photos that may cause individuals, children or family members stress. Apart from this just about anything is welcome.

If you would like to visit the Australian Vietnam Veterans' Museum, it is located at; 25 Veterans Drive (formerly Churchill Rd South), Newhaven, Phillip Island, VIC, 3925, and you can visit thier website at; or Click Here.

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