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February 2002 - May 2019

It is with great sadness we share with you the passing of the 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Mascot CPL Quintus Rama on 2 May 2019 at 17 years of age.

8555555 CPL Quintus Rama was born in February 2002 and enlisted into the Australian Army as the 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment's mascot on 15 August 2012 whereupon he resided at the Northern Territory's Crocodylus Park.

As the Battalion Mascot, he participated in numerous ceremonial events such as the 50th year anniversary Freedom of Entry March into Darwin in 2015 and ANZAC Day parades.

CPL Quintus Rama was given a small military ceremony by the CO, RSM and other members of the Battalion. CPL Quintus Rama was a beloved member of the unit and families who came to know him over the years at Crocodylus Park, he will be sorely missed.

Quintus Rama's body is marched from Crocodylus Park, led by CO LTCOL Travis Gordon, 2IC MAJ Cameron Ellis, Adjt CAPT Harvey Browne and members of the battalion.

Rest in Peace CPL Quintus Rama your duty is done.

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